The Village

"The Village" refers to the biggest village on Malapascua: Logon. It's where Villa Sandra is located and is also the closest village to the action in terms of diving and other entertainment. Despite it's proximity to the main strip, and the fact that 90% of people arrive at it's tiny port, The Village offers no short-term accommodation other than Villa Sandra.

The Village has lots to offer - weekly discos come rain or shine, cock fighting every Sunday, an inexhaustible supply of alcohol less than half the price of most dive shops, and plenty of locals eager to drink with tourists and tell their dynamite fishing stories.

Villa Sandra is almost right in the centre of The Village and is 30 seconds from a bread shop (get there early for the amazing coconut bread), fried chicken, a clothes shop and three general stores. BBQ is also from just two minutes walk. Bounty Beach, where most of the island's dive shops are situated, is less than five minutes by foot.

Staying within The Village and slightly away from the big resorts will allow you to experience what Malapascua is to local people: relaxed, social, and uplifting.